Monday, September 10, 2012

"Roadblock" - A short poem

Here is a short poem that I wrote about the progression of creative ideas and perfecting them. Chase your dreams. Enjoy.


I start thinking....

I get an idea

I grow the idea

I get a second idea

I connect the ideas

I conceptualize

I dream about the potential

I grab a notebook

I begin to write

I tear out the page

I put the pen on the paper

I draw a circle

I tear out the paper

I put the notebook away

I rest my hand on my forehead

I start thinking....


- C. Robert Baus III

Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises: The Perfect Conclusion

It seemed as if it was only 2008 yesterday and I was hyped about seeing The Dark Knight with Heath Ledger taking the Joker character to an absolutely brilliant level. A year or so later when I heard about a third film being green lit, I thought that there was simply no way that it could top the 2008 film. Since its release, I went and saw it twice. I was pleasantly surprised. I was enthralled by Anne Hathaway's performance as Selena Kyle. It was an effort definitely worth an award nomination in my book. Her chemistry with Christian Bale was a perfect match. Another surprise was Tom Hardy's performance as Bane. After the 1997 film, I had no idea what was in store for this character. The 2012 incarnation was exciting, intimidating and entertaining. Hardy was a great choice for the character. Aside from the acting, the set design and location choices were great. The action throughout the entire film was paced perfectly with the drama aspects. The film flows very nicely and keeps you engaged from beginning to end. The almost three hour movie goes by very quickly because it is that entertaining. I would say that it is a draw between the 2008 film and the 2012 film with both being equally enjoyable. I recommend anyone who is a fan of the Batman franchise to go see it.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Taj Mahal: A Boardwalk Gem

Over the past few years, several of my weekends have been spent strolling the famous boardwalk in the City of Atlantic. Being only an hour and a half drive away definitely is a treat. Unless you live on the West Coast near Las Vegas, it is hard to find a city where you can enjoy gaming, numerous high quality dining destinations, and classy luxury hotels within a short walk of each other all embraced by a twenty-four hour party atmosphere. No matter what interests you have, there is something that is sure to please everyone. While I have stayed at many of Atlantic City's fine hotels, one of my favorite places to visit is the Trump Taj Mahal. This resort features two hotel towers, a large gaming facility, a nightclub, an event facility and a floor dedicated to shops and restaurants called Spice Road. If you are planning on staying here, look into a room in the Chairman Tower. These elegant rooms feature fantastic window views, relaxing beds and spacious bathrooms. The layout incorporates a modern design with a distinct artistic charm. If you stay here, I can assure you that you will be pleased. After descending down the escalator and looking up at the tall ceiling with fine chandeliers, the casino awaits. If you are looking to dance the night away until the sun rises, you can also check out the Casbah Nightclub located at the Taj. The location of the resort is ideal on the boardwalk. For those wanting to shop, eat, play slots, or just relax and unwind, the Taj is a great choice for visiting to get the most out of your trip to the boardwalk.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Strong and Sophisticated: Jeep Grand Cherokee review

Last fall, I was in the market for a new vehicle. The old coupe with no air conditioning had worn out it's welcome. I had just recently began my new job and was looking for something bigger and practical with space for passengers and cargo. Prior to this, I had always driven a coupe so this was a whole new world for me. I had done my research and looked into the new Jeep Grand Cherokee. One of the key things that attracted my attention toward this particular model was actually one of the commercials. It was the ad promoting the ability to drive from morning tee time to Los Angeles without running out of fuel. I could see myself driving this SUV. The executives at Chrysler will be happy to know that their marketing investments had been successful. This classic brand has always traditionally produced strong, four wheel drive, vehicles that are favorites for many generations. This seemed like right way to go. I am a huge car fan. With that being said, I analyzed everything from the history of the vehicle, trim levels, engines and other features about this particular model. The new body style had just been released with a more fuel efficient engine. My interest was sparked. I found a shiny 2011 Laredo in black sitting at a dealer that had my name on it. I test drove it and fell in love. Later that night, it was in my driveway. I have driven it for nine months so far and could not be happier. The pickup on the highway is smooth and powerful. There is enough room for five comfortably on a long trip with luggage in the back. The exterior provides a muscular stance with a sleek design while the interior gives an elegant look to match. I drove it to Boston and back from New Jersey and hit in the 23 mpg range during the highway stretch. Overall, the Grand Cherokee is a home run. I am excited to see how it performs when the snow hits during the winter season. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone who is looking for a solid 4x4 SUV that can do a lot for a great value.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Inspiring Words for Success

Everyone has their own goals and ingredients for success. Here are a few words of encouragement from yours truly.....

Go to the limit.
Do whatever it takes.
Perfect your craft.
Own it.
Make it happen.
You can do anything if you set your mind to it.
Aim for the sky.
Don't look back.
Achieve greatness.

The world is your are the artist.

Monday, May 28, 2012

A Salute to Sixers

After a roller coaster of a season that began with a lockout and ended with the Sixers nearly making the NBA Eastern Conference Finals, I would like to send my salute to a great season. As a big Sixers fan and regular attendee of a lot of home games, I am proud of the effort, the confidence and the never surrender attitude that this young and talented team brought to the court every single night. At the beginning of the season, I did not know what to expect. The team retained most of the same lineup as the prior year. While a playoff team in the 2011 season, they were quickly sent home by the Miami Heat. The new year had arrived with a very tight schedule and a shortened season due to the lockout. The team got off to a great start. There were some solid runs and a few dips. By the end of the season, Philly had dropped in the seeding, barely making the playoffs. I thought this was typical as the past few years had been similar. The playoffs rolled around and Philly matched up against Chicago, whom they had played well against all year. Despite the Rose injury, the series was still competitive. This team showed up to the big stage. In the next round, they proved that they could play with the best in the league by taking Boston to seven games. The great thing about this team is that most of the core pieces were homegrown and built through the draft. I believe that last year was the true beginning to the new era of greatness in Philadelphia. This season was the proving ground to show that this team means business. I cannot wait to see what is in store for the next season and beyond. Thank you for an entertaining and competitive season.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Ploy Siam: Elegant and Delicious

After spending Saturday afternoon around and about shopping, my girlfriend and I were looking for a place to go out to dinner. We were craving Thai cuisine the prior week but ended up opting for Italian. We decided to get it this weekend. As major restaurant fans, we are always looking to try new places. Our normal spot for this cuisine, Thai Kitchen in the Bridgewater area, was a bit of a drive from where we were at so we stopped at Ploy Siam in Robbinsville. As soon as we walked in we were greeted by a calm and welcoming setup with beautiful and elegant designs. The staff was very friendly and attentive. The dining area was intimate and comfortable. I ordered my favorite Thai dish, Chicken Pad Thai. The dish came with a nice sized serving of noodles with chicken. It was fantastic. I was satisfied and full after finishing the entire plate. My girlfriend ordered the Pad Cashew Nut with Chicken. She enjoyed it. I sampled it as well and found it to be very tasty. Overall, the meal was great. The prices were reasonable and the atmosphere was relaxing and enjoyable. If you enjoy Thai cuisine, I recommend visiting Ploy Siam. I will definitely be returning.

Sunday, April 8, 2012


Hello all. I apologize for not writing in a while. I've had a lot going on over the past month or so. I am going to try to work on getting back on here more often and updating with new projects more often. Over the past few years I've been brainstorming and coming up with some creative ideas that I would like to bring to life. I am a unique individual that is all about anything and everything creative. I have an interest in almost anything in life. I want to take all of these ideas and paint a wall of something incredible. A few years back I said that in the future I would like to do whatever it takes to accomplish my goals utilizing positive energy.

The future starts today.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

The List

Here is another motivating passage I wrote....

A few years ago I got my first smart phone. One of the basic features on most phones of this type is a notepad or some sort of writing agenda application. I was in my second year of college and like many kids my age, experienced a lot of confusion about where I wanted to go with my life and with my career. I was beyond stressed. Going back to the notepad application on the smart phone, I began to make a list in my phone. The list would contain all of my goals and things that I would like to do in my future. I still follow the list to this very day and place an X next to the tasks that I complete. To achieve the fullest state of happiness, I believe that a person must follow their goals even down to the littlest details. If there is something that you have always wanted to do, whether it is visiting a certain destination or owning a certain item, make it a goal in your life on your list as something to look forward to at some point. Having a goal to chase gives me motivation to work hard and arrive at my goals someday. Make a list. Follow it. Use it as a driving force. Having something to look forward to makes a huge difference.

The Refuel Plan

Here are ten ideas that I came up with for the this year to lower stress, build self-confidence, and spread motivation:

1. Exercise three to five times a week

2. Get more sleep consistently

3. Minimize procrastination

4. Stay organized

5. Read often

6. Finish all projects once started

7. Spend wisely

8. Dress to impress

9. Eat smart

10. Meditate

Build To Grow

Here is a short motivational piece that I wrote last year....

I have always believed that if you want something, there is always a way to achieve it. This goes for anything, whether it is a new job, a nice car, a house on the river down by the shore, or anything at all. Many people have lost confidence in those dreams due to a rough economy over the past few years. While it has been rough, there are measures that can be taken to help get through the rough times and back to where you want to be.

The key is having the mindset of an entrepreneur. Find a way to take a hobby that you might have and turn it into a profit. This is an easier task in today's society with the Internet. Web designers, bloggers, video makers, and numerous other venues of interest can earn a nice little payday on the side for one looking to build savings.

As the savings build and the momentum picks up on your new project, explore new ways to continue to build on it. There is no limit on how large a project can get.

Think hard about things that you enjoy doing and see if they can help earn a profit for you. Do some research. It may be your window of opportunity. Explore, Build, Expand, Grow.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

A good cup of coffee

There is nothing like it. I wake up every morning with the cold air circulating. I straighten my tie and quickly fix my hair in the mirror before I step out the door. I hop in the car and start the engine. I tune to my favorite radio station as the heater warms up. I hit the highway and take a sip of coffee. My day has begun.

I am looking fresh along with have my morning travel mug. I am now ready for whatever the day has planned. As I pass each exit, I gather ideas. I think of new ways to prosper in my future. There is not one day that goes by where I do not think ahead. I always think about ways to improve and make things better through different concepts and ideas. Some of the greatest concepts and inventions in the world have come from a simple dream. I sometimes drive down streets and see empty lots and buildings with a vision of new stores and restaurants filling the void of those empty venues.

There never seems to be a limit to an idea for me. If I see envision a restaurant, I think of how that one restaurant can become a chain of restaurants and spin-off bars and nightclubs. If I see a record store, I envision a brand and a future record label with a skyscraper housing the next generation of entertainers. There are no limits to anything as everything and anything is possible.

Dream big and think hard. Success is achieved through endless possibilities.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Building the Future

Yesterday I took a walk around the mall. I noticed that a longtime video store that was having a closing sale as they were getting ready to go out of business. I remember this store being there for years and always loved going in there to find some sort of media. While it is cool that technology gives us the ability to access media at home without ever leaving the house, it has also changed the times and caused places like this to cease operations. Later that day, I had a nostalgic flashback and thought of all of the cool places and things from yesterday that no longer exist. These concepts and ideas may be gone but we can fill the void with newer and similar ideas modified to work with the times. Time moves incredibly fast. If one does not keep up with time, they will most likely stumble at some point in time. Re-inventing is key. I believe in tradition and keeping a successful model but in order for that model to grow and prosper, it must be current and modern with unlimited possibilities. If you develop a project and it does not reach the success that you desire, do not throw away the idea. Modify the blue print and keep trying until you find a model that works.