Sunday, July 31, 2011

By Our Means

A few years back, I had visions of enormous wealth and prosperity in life filled with luxurious items. Sport cars, designer suits, marble bathrooms, and lavish technologies that are owned by some of the wealthiest people in the world were at the top my list. I used to associate success with assets. Over the past year, I have recently begun to change my ways for my own good. I have come to the realization that success is not defined by items of luxury but rather how we have made a positive impact in the world. Working hard and raising a family is my number one focus that I would someday want to become a reality. I still enjoy the extra items and activities that life has to offer. I believe that are a way of driving us to achieve new levels of success once our basic goals have been accomplished. Working hard and taking life day by day is the key to building the successful life that we all desire.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Late Night Spiel: Atlantic City

Hello all and welcome to another edition of Late Night Spiel. Its another humid night in Jersey as I count down the days to the weekend which I like to make the most out of as much as I can. This weekend, I'll be in Atlantic City for some bright lights, gaming, and good food. There is something special about A.C. It has an exciting feel from the moment that you arrive. During the drive in, the lights off in the distance glow and maximize the breathtaking view of the skyline. Through the hours of the night, the casinos are alive, the theaters are packed with shows and sporting events, and the restaurants are serving up culinary artwork. No matter what time of day, there is always something exciting going on. I hope everyone enjoys their weekend.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Late Night Spiel: The Return

Hello out there to all of the readers. This is a column that I once did a few years back that I called my Late Night Spiel. I was up late and got the urge to write something so I thought I would bring back the title for a new edition. I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer so far.

The last time that I wrote this column was 2009 when I was still at the half way point through college. Since then I have graduated and am currently looking forward to new beginnings. The concept of this column came to me one night while I was working late on a school project. I am usually a night person up late with a cup of coffee until the early morning hours. Nostalgia has been on my mind recently while watching a few old TV shows and researching some old pop culture items from years back on the internet. Nostalgia is such a fun and incredible escape from everyday stress. No matter how rough your day has gone, a quick flashback to an old hangout or a favorite activity from the past always seems to bring a sense of joy to your mind at least for a split second. Technology is so far advanced today that reliving an old memory is easy. Media and pop culture from generation to generation is at our finger tips online.

When the day seems off, take a look back. Relax and have a wonderful Independence Day Weekend.