Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My Main Page Demo Reel

"Carl's Demo Reel Script"

[Black Video] (00:00)

{Wipe Dissolve Transition}

{Grayscale with Noise Effect over title}

[Title reads "Carl Baus" fade in to "Taking the World by Storm"] (00:05)

[3-2-1 Countdown Clock] (00:08)

["Television Work" Title]

[Clip of Split Decision show intro] (00:15)

{Slash Slide transition}

[Clip of Carl and Jason on set] (00:20)

{Slash Slide transition}

[Clip of Split Decision sports highlights] (00:25)

{Slash Slide transition}

[Clip of MCN Live Intro] (00:30)

{Slash Slide transition}

[Clip of Carl on news desk] (00:35)

{Wipe Dissolve Transition}

["Documentary Work" title]

{Slash Slide transition}

[Clip of BCRC Documentary] (00:45)

{Slash Slide transition}

["Short Film Work" title]

{Slash Slide transition}

[Clip of Short Film] (00:50)

{Slash Slide transition}

[Contact Info Title]

{Fade transition}

[Black Video] (01:00)

Monday, March 30, 2009

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Portfolio Design Specifications


My portfolio will highlight all of my creative work that I have participated in throughout my academic years. The layout of the site will be a city skyline landscape creating a busy and professional atmosphere which relates to my abilities to multitask and be productive. The main focus of the site will be on the large video screen player in the center of the page which will feature highlights of my demo reel. At the bottom of the page will feature a control panel to change the videos on the demo reel. The top of the page will have navigation links to the homepage, a short biography, and contact information.


The font I chose is impact. It is an easy to read, non-serif, font that looks good on a web page. It is solid and stands out.

Design Specifications:

- HTML Website

- City Skyline background designed similar to Times Square

- Links to open new pages which include bio, and contact info

- Flash video player for playing video highlights

- Blue sky background with silver colors for the buildings

- Impact Style Font for links on toolbars

Content included:

- Highlights of my sports talk show, Split Decision, in which I produced.

- Highlights of my work as a news anchor on MCN Live.

- Highlights of a BCRC documentary in which I assisted in creating.

- Highlights of my short film in which I am currently working on.

- My Current work resume

Organization of Content:

- Four sixty second videos of each video

- First video: Highlights of Split Decision

- Second video: Highlights of MCN Live

- Third video: Highlights of BCRC documentary

- Fourth video: Short Film Highlights

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Here is the basic layout of my portfolio site. The toolbar on the top will link to pop up windows with biography information, contact info, and a list of media samples from my demo reel. The layout of the main page will be a city background based off of times square with a large video screen in center of the page featuring highlights from my demo reel. The site will feature a variety of different colors with a violet-blueish color sky. The fonts used will be a non-serif font for easier reading. The concept of the portfolio is to create a busy and professional environment. I chose this because I believe in professionalism and I work well with multitasking. I believe that it fits my personality in the working environment.

The first popup window on the tool bar will lead to the homepage. The second will open a small biography page featuring information about myself personally and professionally with a link to a web resume. The third will open a window featuring a list of links with all of the work I have done. Basically, this window can be used as another way of navigating the main video player on the front page. The forth window will have all of my contact information. The concept is pretty simple and standard yet complex in several ways. I think it will turn out great.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Final Concept

My final concept idea that I want to move forward with would be the "Hybrid" concept. The site will open with a intro page featuring a short animation and a link to the main page. The main page will have a highlight reel in the center with text surround the video in a circle. The different "Elements" in the "Hybrid Circle" will be all of the jobs that I can do and have participated in previous work experiences. The type used will be a non serif font. The background will be a silver and black backdrop featuring a video in the center with the circle surrounding the video in a neon green color. The colors standout without being outrageously dark or bright. It will blend well together.

The Work to Be Included:
Highlights of my sports show, Split Decision.
Highlights of my work with the live news program.
Highlights of my work with the BCRC Documentary
Highlights of my work with school short films (when completed.)
Other various small school projects.

Everything will be organized by year and type of work along with type of equipment used to design and produce the piece.

The site will have two tool bars. The "Hybrid Circle" will have links leading to information and samples of my work. There will also be a toolbar towards the top featuring links to the home page, contact information, and a short biography.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Portfolio Concepts Part II

The theme of the first concept would be a city background of times square featuring several large screen video billboards. On the billboards would be highlights of my work in short demo reels. Other surrounding items would be linked to bring up other information about myself or other sections of the portfolio.

The second concept theme would be a large flat screen television interface with different buttons on the bottom accessing different pages of the portfolio. The page would also feature a remote control at the bottom to change the "channels". The different "channels" would be different video highlights from my demo reel.

The third concept theme would be a movie theatre with a projector towards the bottom. Each button on the projector would play a different highlight from my video demo reel. The highlights would be organized by type of highlight to allow the audience to select clips from each category.

The forth concept would a flash site with the theme "Hybrid". The page would transition with different pictures of me working with links to my categorized highlight reels. The term "Hybrid" would flash by a black background with all of the different jobs that I am capable of doing such as "Writer", "Producer", "Technician", "Editor" and so forth.

The fifth theme concept would be an office setup with a television set towards the top of the desk. On the desk would be various clickable items leading to information and media samples. The desk would also have a remote in which controls the videos on the TV set. The videos would contain highlights from my work.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Will TV Studios die?

I say absolutely not. While Andrew makes a couple of interesting points regarding the internet and advertising, television is still accessed in more homes across than computers. While the economy is taking a slump, the advertising will still always be there and vice-versa for television. I actually see the opposite of this theory coming true. With the advancements in technology today, studios will someday improve. When the digital switch-over happens, channels will break up into smaller channels creating more airtime to sell for advertising and more jobs to fill. The bottom line is that TV will always be lucrative no matter what the situation is.

Portfolio Needs

The key needs to building a successful portfolio for a television major would be a demo reel featured on either the main page or easily accessible and noticeable on the site. The other key part is the contact page. If someone is interested in the work, they need to know where they can reach you. The other key parts include a short biography and a resume. Not your entire life story. Just enough important information that the viewer should know about you. The portfolio should jump out at the viewer as soon as they log on. The reel or categorized videos should be short and well put together. The navigation should be easy and the text should be brief and to the point. Logos are an important thing as well. If a person has a recognizable logo on their page, the more it will make an imprint on the person viewing the site.

Portfolio Concepts

The first concept would be a simple layout with easy navigation across the top. The main page would feature a demo reel highlighting my work. The layout would feature brighter colors that stand out more to grab the audiences attention. The navigation would look something like the pic next this.

The second concept would have a similar layout with a video posted on the side and different pages that appear next to the video. I would also keep the similar navigation with eye catching colors. I believe that the easier the navigation, the more of the site that the viewer will access and the more information will get across.

The third concept would an organized layout with the video on the front and the top and side navigation bars shown in the pic next to this. The one thing I would also feature is some sort of attention grabbing mission statement that will stick in the mind of the viewer.

The forth concept would also feature a front page with a section of categories. The main focus of the site will be the demo reel. Rather than the viewer sitting through the entire reel, the categories will organize the content into seperate videos and allow the viewer to sample different works here and there while they have the chance.

The fifth concept would have a giant video player across the top of the site with two side navigation bars. I would try and limit the bulk of text. When companies look at portfolios, they do not spend a whole lot of time on them. They want to be impressed immediately when they log on. The text has to be short and sweet.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Split Decision - 2/11/09

This is an episode of my weekly show intended to inform and entertain the people of Mercer County.

Monday, March 2, 2009


I am Carl Baus. I have been working in television since high school behind the scenes as well as in front of the camera. I have experience working with many different types of equipment including various cameras and post production equipment such as Adobe Premier Pro, Photoshop, After Effects and others. I always believe in a commitment to execellence and I always stride to put out the best product that I can. I possess incredible leadership and teamwork skills needed to succeed in a working environment.

Blockbuster Entertainment:

Customer Service Associate
January 2006-May 2006

Modell's Sporting Goods:
Head Cashier/Key Person
May 2006-Present

Trenton Thunder Baseball:
Production Intern
April 2008-September 2008

MCTV26 - Mercer County Community College:
Show Producer, TV Host, News Anchor, Technical Crew
September 2006-Present

Breast Cancer Resource Center/School Project
Production crew for the center's documentary
August 2008-December 2008