Portfolio Design Specifications


My portfolio will highlight all of my creative work that I have participated in throughout my academic years. The layout of the site will be a city skyline landscape creating a busy and professional atmosphere which relates to my abilities to multitask and be productive. The main focus of the site will be on the large video screen player in the center of the page which will feature highlights of my demo reel. At the bottom of the page will feature a control panel to change the videos on the demo reel. The top of the page will have navigation links to the homepage, a short biography, and contact information.


The font I chose is impact. It is an easy to read, non-serif, font that looks good on a web page. It is solid and stands out.

Design Specifications:

- HTML Website

- City Skyline background designed similar to Times Square

- Links to open new pages which include bio, and contact info

- Flash video player for playing video highlights

- Blue sky background with silver colors for the buildings

- Impact Style Font for links on toolbars

Content included:

- Highlights of my sports talk show, Split Decision, in which I produced.

- Highlights of my work as a news anchor on MCN Live.

- Highlights of a BCRC documentary in which I assisted in creating.

- Highlights of my short film in which I am currently working on.

- My Current work resume

Organization of Content:

- Four sixty second videos of each video

- First video: Highlights of Split Decision

- Second video: Highlights of MCN Live

- Third video: Highlights of BCRC documentary

- Fourth video: Short Film Highlights


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