Sunday, January 29, 2012

A good cup of coffee

There is nothing like it. I wake up every morning with the cold air circulating. I straighten my tie and quickly fix my hair in the mirror before I step out the door. I hop in the car and start the engine. I tune to my favorite radio station as the heater warms up. I hit the highway and take a sip of coffee. My day has begun.

I am looking fresh along with have my morning travel mug. I am now ready for whatever the day has planned. As I pass each exit, I gather ideas. I think of new ways to prosper in my future. There is not one day that goes by where I do not think ahead. I always think about ways to improve and make things better through different concepts and ideas. Some of the greatest concepts and inventions in the world have come from a simple dream. I sometimes drive down streets and see empty lots and buildings with a vision of new stores and restaurants filling the void of those empty venues.

There never seems to be a limit to an idea for me. If I see envision a restaurant, I think of how that one restaurant can become a chain of restaurants and spin-off bars and nightclubs. If I see a record store, I envision a brand and a future record label with a skyscraper housing the next generation of entertainers. There are no limits to anything as everything and anything is possible.

Dream big and think hard. Success is achieved through endless possibilities.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Building the Future

Yesterday I took a walk around the mall. I noticed that a longtime video store that was having a closing sale as they were getting ready to go out of business. I remember this store being there for years and always loved going in there to find some sort of media. While it is cool that technology gives us the ability to access media at home without ever leaving the house, it has also changed the times and caused places like this to cease operations. Later that day, I had a nostalgic flashback and thought of all of the cool places and things from yesterday that no longer exist. These concepts and ideas may be gone but we can fill the void with newer and similar ideas modified to work with the times. Time moves incredibly fast. If one does not keep up with time, they will most likely stumble at some point in time. Re-inventing is key. I believe in tradition and keeping a successful model but in order for that model to grow and prosper, it must be current and modern with unlimited possibilities. If you develop a project and it does not reach the success that you desire, do not throw away the idea. Modify the blue print and keep trying until you find a model that works.