Sunday, February 19, 2012

The List

Here is another motivating passage I wrote....

A few years ago I got my first smart phone. One of the basic features on most phones of this type is a notepad or some sort of writing agenda application. I was in my second year of college and like many kids my age, experienced a lot of confusion about where I wanted to go with my life and with my career. I was beyond stressed. Going back to the notepad application on the smart phone, I began to make a list in my phone. The list would contain all of my goals and things that I would like to do in my future. I still follow the list to this very day and place an X next to the tasks that I complete. To achieve the fullest state of happiness, I believe that a person must follow their goals even down to the littlest details. If there is something that you have always wanted to do, whether it is visiting a certain destination or owning a certain item, make it a goal in your life on your list as something to look forward to at some point. Having a goal to chase gives me motivation to work hard and arrive at my goals someday. Make a list. Follow it. Use it as a driving force. Having something to look forward to makes a huge difference.

The Refuel Plan

Here are ten ideas that I came up with for the this year to lower stress, build self-confidence, and spread motivation:

1. Exercise three to five times a week

2. Get more sleep consistently

3. Minimize procrastination

4. Stay organized

5. Read often

6. Finish all projects once started

7. Spend wisely

8. Dress to impress

9. Eat smart

10. Meditate

Build To Grow

Here is a short motivational piece that I wrote last year....

I have always believed that if you want something, there is always a way to achieve it. This goes for anything, whether it is a new job, a nice car, a house on the river down by the shore, or anything at all. Many people have lost confidence in those dreams due to a rough economy over the past few years. While it has been rough, there are measures that can be taken to help get through the rough times and back to where you want to be.

The key is having the mindset of an entrepreneur. Find a way to take a hobby that you might have and turn it into a profit. This is an easier task in today's society with the Internet. Web designers, bloggers, video makers, and numerous other venues of interest can earn a nice little payday on the side for one looking to build savings.

As the savings build and the momentum picks up on your new project, explore new ways to continue to build on it. There is no limit on how large a project can get.

Think hard about things that you enjoy doing and see if they can help earn a profit for you. Do some research. It may be your window of opportunity. Explore, Build, Expand, Grow.