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Embracing every moment of the journey

Over the past few months or so, I've hit a bit of a lull in terms of finding peace with myself in my off time from work. I have been in this constant search for my meaning and purpose. Who is Carl? What am I passionate about? What am I supposed to do in my time here on earth? I like to remain extremely busy. I've always considered myself a motivated individual, however, I feel as if I get in my own way some times in regards to unwinding and truly embracing peace and happiness. At times, I feel as if I take a day to lounge around, that I am missing out on accomplishing something, which in turn makes me upset with myself. By staying busy with either my full time job, grad school, teaching a course or any other activity, I accept that I put in an acceptable effort for that day. I like going 100 miles per hour all of the time in pursuit of the next big milestone or goal in my life, however, recently, I've realized that each milestone or goal that I reach, there is a quick pat …

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