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Blending Sounds

 Photo by susannahscottphoto--4689775 I’ve always loved discovering new sounds.  Music has a way of getting you to react more so than almost any other element on earth. There are some that hit hard and rattle you to the core. For example, the first time I heard “Bodies” by Drowning Pool in the Summer of 2001, I was so energized I wanted to leap through the sheetrock of my friends basement through the dryer duct. I also have a significant soft spot in my heart for the sweet sounds of bubblegum pop music. There is something magical about harmonizing vocals that have the capability to just make you feel good (think “Runaway” by Real McCoy from ‘95 at a roller skating rink). When it comes to music genres, I believe you can have your cake and eat it too. Issues, led by sweet sounding vocals of Tyler Carter and throaty heavy metal aggressive tones compliment each other to perfection, creating a flawless mix despite being from two completely different vinyl bins at the re

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