Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Time is Precious

Lately I have been thinking a lot about the future. Opportunities that I can pursue today may not be there in the future. The chances to travel and enjoy new things whether small or large are now. Whether if it is a new pair of headphones, designer clothes, court side tickets, or a special restaurant, sometimes we have to treat ourselves. It is important to remind ourselves how hard we work everyday and that all of the weekly stress is worth something.

I am excited for the next chapter in my life. I look forward to buying a house, getting married and having children someday. I want to grow and develop into the best man that I can be. I even plan on building the white fence outside of the front yard to complete my dream.

Before the next step becomes the reality, I want to experience as much I as can.

Time is very important. We only live once. I don't want to be too late.

Monday, August 8, 2011

A New World

There is a lot of uncertainty in today's society. The economic and energy issues are just some of the question marks that weigh in on the country. Anxiety is flowing and feelings of fear are in the air. There is no doubt that things are not perfect, but as we have in the past, we can and we will prevail through all of our problems. When it comes to the economy, much like in the past, we must find a new way to balance our lives and live within our means without over extending ourselves. We must build and keep building new ways to help our economy regain its strength that it once had. The same goes for the energy issues. We must find a way to adapt to green technology and expand on what we have in the present day. Once we adapt and expand on our green habits, everything will come together in time. We have come across speed bumps in the past and we have studied our mistakes and returned even better than before. Teamwork and optimism is the key. The future is ours.