Sunday, June 23, 2013

The City of Atlantic: A Visionary View

One of my favorite getaway towns in the great Garden State has always been Atlantic City. Heading down the expressway with the window down just slightly after dark while feeling the sea air as the big bright billboards and lights approach is still as exciting each and every time as the first time that I visited. The city hosts twelve Casino resorts, each with a different style and theme along with numerous restaurants and nightlife hangouts. With dozens of shows, games and activities, there is literally something to do 24 hours a day. While there are twelve resorts in the southern New Jersey hot spot, there are several resort projects that did not make it past the planning stages. The question is what would Atlantic City's great boardwalk and marina areas be like today if all of the projects were completed. Here is a brief look at what the town could look like if some of the projects were completed and what they could have brought to the table.... Beginning with the boardwalk at the very end with Revel and Showboat, the area would probably remain unchanged for the most part except the Revel resort would have a second tower almost doubling the amount of hotel space that is currently there. Next to Resorts Casino, in the former lot of the Sands Resort, would be the Pinnacle Resort, a brand new proposed billion dollar complex bringing a beautiful new property to the central area of the boardwalk. The project was cancelled a few years back and is now an empty lot. Towards the opposite end of the boardwalk, would be the proposed Hard Rock Hotel and Casino which was scheduled to begin construction last summer but has been canceled. The project would be brought a rock and roll theme to the boardwalk. The Marina area of town, which houses the Borgata, Harrah's, and Golden Nugget Resorts would have seen a huge difference with the proposed MGM Grand project. This was going to be a multi-billion dollar three tower mega resort envisioned with luxury multi-million dollar condominiums. These projects were just a few of Atlantic City's plans in addition to several others. The possibilities for the town are still endless with a lot of prime real estate that is currently unoccupied. With optimism and a recovering economy who knows what new creative ideas will come to life in years to come.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Movie Review: This is 40

Last weekend I had the chance to check out the movie, This is 40, starring Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann. Being a huge fan of comedy films, I am always looking forward to finding something fresh that I can enjoy a few laughs with a decent story. I haven't gotten the chance to get to the theaters as of late so I made a cup of coffee and scrolled through On Demand and landed on This is 40. For those who are unfamiliar with the movie, the plot follows two parents who are both coming up on their 40th birthdays and dealing with the ups and downs of life in true comedic fashion. The main characters, played perfectly by Rudd and Mann, are very like-able, which is an important aspect of a film for me when it comes to staying connected. The dialogue keeps you laughing and entertained throughout the story. The film is a bit on the longer side for a romantic comedy, however, the characters keep you engaged with a few surprises as the plot progresses. Overall, I enjoyed it. If you are looking funny and easy to watch, I would definitely recommend.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Maximizing Positive Energy

With the weekend coming to an end, many of us will be winding down their leisure activities and gearing up for the work week. As I sit with a cup of coffee and organize for the week, I like to take a moment, take a deep breath and look at the big picture. The past two years have seen many major milestones in my life. In the summer of 2010, I met the girl of my dreams in college. In 2011, I graduated college and moved into the professional world. After two and a half years of dating, I proposed to my wonderful Fiance. In 2013, I embarked on a new journey in the professional world, learning each day, motivated to succeed and grow. The past few years have been positive and rewarding for me. I plan on the next few to be even better. As we all embark on our weekly paths, it is important to maintain positive energy. Optimism is the key to get through our struggles and achieve success. Speed bumps will happen along the way. Looking past them and focusing on the big picture is the way to win. Before beginning the work week tomorrow, take a few minutes and think about some of your positive attributes and achievements over the past few years. Think about your goals ahead and how you will accomplish them. Feel good about yourself tomorrow as you begin your day. Have a great week.