Thursday, September 22, 2011

No Ceiling

For young and inspiring people with an entrepreneurial mindset, there is no such definition for a ceiling. Possibilities are endless. One may have had a childhood dream of opening a business or they might have just thought of something new out of the blue. The other day I was driving down a street in Princeton and I saw a vacated building for sale. As I sat in traffic, I envisioned an upscale cafe or restaurant filling the void at that location. I could also see a bar and grill lit up at night time in that location with groups of people lining up to enter. I have a way of taking a step back and looking at something small such as an empty building and picturing something on a much larger scale. There is nothing wrong with dreaming and wondering. This is how new ideas and experiments have the possibility of turning into highly profitable outlets. Think about your dreams and envision them a little closer with greater detail. You just never know what you might find. There is no such thing as a ceiling.

Thursday, September 15, 2011


Sometimes we are stuck at a huge fork in the road. The decision could be minor such as deciding between shrimp or steak. It could be deciding between wearing a certain shirt. We are always faced with decisions throughout our lives both minor and major. While growing up everything is usually structured to an extent. We are taught the alphabet and we go through grade school. After thirteen years we are faced with a major life decision. College or the workforce? What path is for me? Many of students choose college. Following graduation, we are released into the so-called "real world". Today's economy has created a difficult situation for many students entering the post-college work force. We must find a way to re-invent our skills are break out of the structure. We must stand out from the ordinary to exceed to greatness. What's in store for you? Our decisions are everything. Make it happen.