Blending Sounds

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I’ve always loved discovering new sounds. 

Music has a way of getting you to react more so than almost any other element on earth. There are some that hit hard and rattle you to the core. For example, the first time I heard “Bodies” by Drowning Pool in the Summer of 2001, I was so energized I wanted to leap through the sheetrock of my friends basement through the dryer duct. I also have a significant soft spot in my heart for the sweet sounds of bubblegum pop music. There is something magical about harmonizing vocals that have the capability to just make you feel good (think “Runaway” by Real McCoy from ‘95 at a roller skating rink).

When it comes to music genres, I believe you can have your cake and eat it too. Issues, led by sweet sounding vocals of Tyler Carter and throaty heavy metal aggressive tones compliment each other to perfection, creating a flawless mix despite being from two completely different vinyl bins at the record store in a previous generation. Each of their albums offers a smorgasbord of different styles in each track. One song will go toe to toe with the heaviest of hard rock songs, while another might mirror the tone of a Celine Dion duet love song or sound like an instrumental track during the loading screen of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater. Simply put, they’re awesome and they do it right.

Check out “Never Lose Your Flames” by Issues

The blending of hip hop and hard rock is not the new thing all the kids are talking about these days. I’m sure the soundtrack of the early 2000s for many of us featured “Papercut” by Linkin Park. Enter the fusion of hard rock and electronic dance music. It’s fun to get lost in an I See Stars record where you’ll forget whether you're at a screamo concert or Hakkasan in Las Vegas or in a mosh pit at Starland Ballroom in New Jersey. Sylar is another fun band that leans a little more toward the hard rock genre fused with hip hop undertones. A lot of their tracks would make for great walk out music at a mixed martial arts event.

Listen to “Ten Thousand Feet” by I See Stars

Give “All or Nothing” by Sylar a spin

They say “change is good”. Who’s they anyway? A Day To Remember collaborated on a track with Marshmello this past summer called “Rescue Me”. I ask you to play this track followed by one of their tracks from one of their earlier albums. This is a prime example of a band evolving with the times, not being afraid to try and experiment with new things, while staying true to their hard rock roots. One of the greatest pop punk bands of all time in my opinion.

Play “Rescue Me” by Marshmello featuring A Day To Remember

Palisades has quickly become one of my favorite bands over the past few years. This New Jersey rock band brings a ton of energy in each and every track with ear candy pop vocals contrasted by slashing guitars, screaming vocals, a hint of hip hop and a splash of EDM. I recommend giving them a listen if you haven’t already.

Immerse yourself in “Let Down” by Palisades

I had the privilege of attending a show on Blink-182’s summer tour this year. It’s always a good time rocking out to the hits like “Adam’s Song” and “All The Small Things”, but the true magic of the show came from legendary drummer, Travis Barker. In the middle of the show, the lights dim and a gong sounds. Barker’s insane drumming skills kick into high gear as he becomes enclosed in a steel cylinder over Nipsey Hussle’s “Last Time That I Checc’d” followed by a series of heavy metal, hip hop and club mixes. If you need a “pick me up”, this will surely help compliment your morning cup of coffee.

Have some fun with Travis Barker’s drum solo from Blink’s latest tour

Sounds move us. Enjoy them.

Have a wonderful day!

Love always,



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