Portfolio Concepts

The first concept would be a simple layout with easy navigation across the top. The main page would feature a demo reel highlighting my work. The layout would feature brighter colors that stand out more to grab the audiences attention. The navigation would look something like the pic next this.

The second concept would have a similar layout with a video posted on the side and different pages that appear next to the video. I would also keep the similar navigation with eye catching colors. I believe that the easier the navigation, the more of the site that the viewer will access and the more information will get across.

The third concept would an organized layout with the video on the front and the top and side navigation bars shown in the pic next to this. The one thing I would also feature is some sort of attention grabbing mission statement that will stick in the mind of the viewer.

The forth concept would also feature a front page with a section of categories. The main focus of the site will be the demo reel. Rather than the viewer sitting through the entire reel, the categories will organize the content into seperate videos and allow the viewer to sample different works here and there while they have the chance.

The fifth concept would have a giant video player across the top of the site with two side navigation bars. I would try and limit the bulk of text. When companies look at portfolios, they do not spend a whole lot of time on them. They want to be impressed immediately when they log on. The text has to be short and sweet.


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