Portfolio Concepts Part II

The theme of the first concept would be a city background of times square featuring several large screen video billboards. On the billboards would be highlights of my work in short demo reels. Other surrounding items would be linked to bring up other information about myself or other sections of the portfolio.

The second concept theme would be a large flat screen television interface with different buttons on the bottom accessing different pages of the portfolio. The page would also feature a remote control at the bottom to change the "channels". The different "channels" would be different video highlights from my demo reel.

The third concept theme would be a movie theatre with a projector towards the bottom. Each button on the projector would play a different highlight from my video demo reel. The highlights would be organized by type of highlight to allow the audience to select clips from each category.

The forth concept would a flash site with the theme "Hybrid". The page would transition with different pictures of me working with links to my categorized highlight reels. The term "Hybrid" would flash by a black background with all of the different jobs that I am capable of doing such as "Writer", "Producer", "Technician", "Editor" and so forth.

The fifth theme concept would be an office setup with a television set towards the top of the desk. On the desk would be various clickable items leading to information and media samples. The desk would also have a remote in which controls the videos on the TV set. The videos would contain highlights from my work.


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