Here is the basic layout of my portfolio site. The toolbar on the top will link to pop up windows with biography information, contact info, and a list of media samples from my demo reel. The layout of the main page will be a city background based off of times square with a large video screen in center of the page featuring highlights from my demo reel. The site will feature a variety of different colors with a violet-blueish color sky. The fonts used will be a non-serif font for easier reading. The concept of the portfolio is to create a busy and professional environment. I chose this because I believe in professionalism and I work well with multitasking. I believe that it fits my personality in the working environment.

The first popup window on the tool bar will lead to the homepage. The second will open a small biography page featuring information about myself personally and professionally with a link to a web resume. The third will open a window featuring a list of links with all of the work I have done. Basically, this window can be used as another way of navigating the main video player on the front page. The forth window will have all of my contact information. The concept is pretty simple and standard yet complex in several ways. I think it will turn out great.


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