Final Concept

My final concept idea that I want to move forward with would be the "Hybrid" concept. The site will open with a intro page featuring a short animation and a link to the main page. The main page will have a highlight reel in the center with text surround the video in a circle. The different "Elements" in the "Hybrid Circle" will be all of the jobs that I can do and have participated in previous work experiences. The type used will be a non serif font. The background will be a silver and black backdrop featuring a video in the center with the circle surrounding the video in a neon green color. The colors standout without being outrageously dark or bright. It will blend well together.

The Work to Be Included:
Highlights of my sports show, Split Decision.
Highlights of my work with the live news program.
Highlights of my work with the BCRC Documentary
Highlights of my work with school short films (when completed.)
Other various small school projects.

Everything will be organized by year and type of work along with type of equipment used to design and produce the piece.

The site will have two tool bars. The "Hybrid Circle" will have links leading to information and samples of my work. There will also be a toolbar towards the top featuring links to the home page, contact information, and a short biography.


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