Prototype - What Makes Me Tick?

1. I have experience in working with Adobe Premier Pro, After Effects, Audition, and Photoshop.

2. I have some basic knowledge of animations in After Effects. I am proficient in photo editing on Photoshop. I have designed graphics for television using Photoshop. I work really well when it comes to editing video on Adobe Premier Pro. I have been using Premier for almost five years and have utilized it for television, school projects, and a documentary that I worked on for the BCRC Resource Center.

3. My favorite programs to work on are Premier and Photoshop. I love working with video and I am most comfortable using Premier for editing.

4. I am interested in film making and video editing as a career. I love to entertain and I love movies. I feel that it is a short period of time where you can escape from reality and the real world and let your emotions run wild. I also love comedy. I love to laugh. Nothing makes me happier. Music is another interest of mine. I like all different types of music. I can be really indecisive at times, but whatever sounds good to me at the present time works for me. I also enjoy the whole big city, bright light style experience. Hopefully, with hard work someday, ill have that luxury. I love technology and couldn't live without it. I am excited to see what the future holds for the industry.

5. I am passionate about earning what you have. I believe the best way to be rewarded is by working hard. I believe that you will appreciate things a lot more if you earned them.

6. I cant stand being taken advantage of. I try to believe that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel, but in some cases there isn't and it frustrates me. I also don't like unfair judgement.


  1. You really seem to have a love for film so it's safe to say you would like it in the film industry. As for where in the film industry you should go I think maybe film editor looks like what you would be going for. The parts you posted about your interests and your dislikes about unfair judgment maybe a step into a film critic. Either way you should have a great future in film.


  2. Some people say that I am too nice of a guy at times and while I get along with everyone, I might have a tough time giving criticism as a film critic. I have to learn how to say no sometimes and tell people how I feel and when I don't like something, let them know about it. If I do not believe in the characters from the beginning, it is very difficult for me to grasp the story and be on the same page as the story.


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