Work Sample: Constructive Cristiscm

Here is a piece that I did for Graphics and Effects class in photoshop last semester. The fact that I am apart of this poster was a gag for my TV show. The original piece did not include my picture. if I were to change anything, I would work on the lighting surrounding the three main characters. I think it could be tweaked a little. My favorite things about this piece is the purple night sky background and the title font. I think the background gives it that mysterious action movie look and the font gives fits the mold of an 80's action movie poster perfectly. For being one of my first posters, I think it came out really well.


  1. I think that you have some very known actors in the male world of "manly" men, it's very well proven. The technicality of the editing is pretty good.. I would just find a way to make yourself look more poster like such as the others. Your caption should read more of a "I was trying to create humor by putting myself up against some of the most dominating men who are known for being athletic and physically fit". Other than that, you definitely hit the humor mark =]

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