Brand Identity

Brand identity is a form of expression that is powerful enough to penetrate the consumer mind without some sort of title. Examples of this are the target logo or the apple logo. Both are easily recognized without a second thought. The brand identity for my production company, Crazybox Productions contains the following:

1. Neon Green and Black colors.

2. Xenon font with @ used for the "A".

3. Photos edited with color shades on site.

4. Jumpback with logo transition at beginning of all project videos

5. A clever slogan such as "Taking the World By Storm"

I am going in these directions because I believe that they will stand out on both the website aswell as the media projects and leave an impression. The unique style of the logo will stand out from other generic logos. The whole concept of brand identity is to be different from the other brands and I think this does just that.


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