Elements, Concepts, and Planning

For my work dealing mostly with my show, Split Decision, the defining element in the design of the show is the color scheme which is a hunter green with shades of silver and black. I showcase it in almost all of the graphics and jumpback videos. It gives the show its look and presence on screen.

As for the planning of the show, I would say the pre-production stage is far more advanced than any other field. While graphics take a lot of editing and audio takes a lot of tweaking and editing as far as changes to the levels and frequency as well as effects added, television and film have all of the same stages of preparation with the added part of preparing visuals and organizing them. Having worked with television for the past three years, the producers and crew spend all week devoting tons of hours into preparing for a half hour show. After an entire week of planning, shooting, editing, and organizing, the production comes to life and then is over in the blink of an eye. Then it starts all over again. Video combines all of the elements and planning of audio and graphic design into one big production. In my opinion the most difficult out of all of them.


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