Highlights of My Work

I think for starters, all of the activities I have participated in my first few years of college would put me ahead in my industry of choice, television. I have done everything from every possible technical position, camera, audio, tape operator, floor manager, editor all the way up to producing as well as being an anchor and on air talent. This gives me an advantage and opens up a lot of different jobs in the television field. I love to edit video. When it comes to editing, I have a lot of experience using various types of software such as the Adobe products, Premier, Photoshop, After effects, and others. The program that I am most knowledgeable with is Premier. I can do almost anything you ask with Premier. I understand Photoshop and After Effects pretty well from previous courses that I have taken in school but I believe I could strengthen my skills at those two programs to make me even better at post production techniques. I have worked with various types of cameras with great success from mini DV cameras to studio cameras all the way up to high definition cameras. While I work great with cameras, there are always new things I have yet to master. Other general work skills that I posess are great organization, time management, and leadership skills. I have been a head cashier and key person while working at Modell's for the past three years. I have made the company thousands of dollars with their credit card program and have successfully trained many other associates. Overall, my experiences in the academic field and work environment will help me succeed in building my career. Any type of job description in television requires these type of requirements for software and hardware. I also have internship experience with the Trenton Thunder's production team which is a big plus for TV jobs. Almost every job in television or media in general at an entry level requires at least one year of work experience in that field.


  1. I think you have good experience and it should be easy for you to find work

  2. The fact that you have internship experience makes you a better candidate. I like how you say you successfully trained many associates because it shows you can explain things clearly and shows you can lead others and be depended on. I also like how you explained that you are able to use many different cameras. I think that shows you are open to learning new machinery and I would think that employers are looking for those who can adapt.


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