Industry Portfolios

I have took time and observed several different portfolios. A lot of the similarities that I have noticed when comparing the different sites are that most of them are flash based. It seems like the user wants to intimidate the audience with over the top flashy attention grabbing images to captivate and make an impression on the viewer of the site. A lot of them have a highlight reel on the site with video projects that the person has done. A good example of this would be Dave Werner's work on He showcases his many talents through a fantastic web design and video editing and graphic arts.

Another trend that I have noticed throughout several different sites is the use of bright colors. The positive thing about using bright colors is that they jump out from the screen at the viewer. An example of this would be Kristopher Grunert's website located at The site opens up with a small grey splash page with links to open the regular site which fills with a bright blue image followed by arrows to scroll over to several other images.

Another site that I liked was Eric Ryan Anderson's page The site is very basic and easy to navigate. Everything is nice and big and easy to find. He has all of his fantastic photography work displayed and well organized. Sometimes the simple sites are the ones that standout to me the most because of their organized and navigation. The only thing that I would add to this site to make it even better is a little more information about the designer in the biography section. It would also help to make a section exclusively for contact information.

Five Trends that I have discovered from web portfolios:
1. Bright Colors
2. Flash/Animation
3. Video Clips
4. Music
5. Photography


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