My Experience

I have worked or participated in the following:

Blockbuster Entertainment:
Customer Service Associate
January 2006-May 2006

Modell's Sporting Goods:
Head Cashier/Key Person
May 2006-Present

Trenton Thunder Baseball:
Production Intern
April 2008-September 2008

MCTV26 - Mercer County Community College:
Show Producer, TV Host, News Anchor, Technical Crew
September 2006-Present

Breast Cancer Resource Center/School Project
Production crew for the center's documentary
August 2008-December 2008

I am only about half way through college and I already have a lot of experience working with television. Since my beginning semester in fall of 2006, I have worked as a camera man, ran the audio board, and floor managed as technical crew. Beginning in September 2007, I began producing and hosting my own half hour sports talk show on the college's TV station. I have also been an anchor on the college's weekly news program. This past fall, I was assigned to work in a group filming a documentary about the Princeton's Breast Cancer Resource Center in which whom were very happy with the final outcome. While working on the BCRC project, I used cameras and edited using various different software programs for post production. Mercer has given me tons of experience that will be useful in getting a job someday. As for internships, I have worked for the Trenton Thunder Baseball team on the production staff. During my time at Thunder, I ran cameras, technical directed, and worked on the video boards. Thunder was a great experience because it showed me how to grasp a live production for a mass audience at the stadium. It also showed me how to think quickly and have great turnaround, meaning taking a command and performing it at a quick speed.


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