The next step....

After this spring semester, I will be graduating from Mercer. I am currently working on getting into a four year program in the communications field focusing mainly on television. To get accepted, most programs would like you to have a high GPA and some sort of past record showing that you can work hard and contribute well in the specific field. I not only have all of those bullets obtained on my resume, I also like to get involved. My main activity that I participate in is my weekly sports cable talk show, Split Decision in which I inherited from a graduating classmate in 2007. The show and production values have come along way. I am working very hard every week on adding new things to make the show look better as well as doing more research and adding new segments to make the show more entertaining. The addition of video midway through last season was a big plus. I am toying around with new ideas to add to make the show more interactive. I only see the show getting better from here. This is my last semester doing it and I want to go out with a bang.

My flagship activity:

My weekly sports talk show in which I produce and host:

Some other notable activities that I have participated in:

I have anchored on Mercer's live news program, MCN Live.

My own media website which I built for my side projects:

My weekly sports talk show's official website:


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