Late Night Spiel

Its 3:27am and for some unforeseen reason I'm still awake after a long but interesting Thursday. I've got that creative urge so I'd figure ill write a blog post about it. I started off the day by heading to New York City. We got to visit a couple of cool places today. All of them very different in certain ways. Chung-King Studios was awesome. I pictured myself working in an environment such as that. I like the high class, expensive, professional, suit and tie look, and I think that place fit the mold. Rocketboom was cool because of it's laid back environment. It seems like it would be a lot of fun to work in a place like that. All of the places made me more interested in using the internet more in depth and taking advantage of all of it's endless capabilities. I always have a drive for being creative and making money. Forgive me if I sound greedy. It opened my eyes and made me realize that I can literally do what ever my imagination dreams with a computer and possibly tap into new forms of revenue. Hopefully sometime soon, ill find the time to put together some sort of side project in my leisure time. I think its cool how the internet can give us an online coffee shop type of environment where people from all over the world can watch an old Soprano's episode and talk about the Phil's game and share their creative concepts without any physical presence. It allows us to escape the stress of everyday life and lets us unwind.


  1. i'm so glad you walked away last night inspired! talk with a few friends and see what you guys can do together.

    think small scale, but keep a strict schedule. say you'll make one 90sec video together each week and post it on a new blog. maybe you'll find more time, or time independently to post videos to the blog or even just text/images - but make sure you get that one video done.

    consistency is the key to success. you can't get a community formed around your work if they can't expect new content regularly. people are very busy and very impatient. but if they know - hey friday is the day Carl posts a new video! they'll totally check in for that.

    i definitely think you have the talent to pull this off. you just have to get started!


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