Taking the next step

College has come to a close for me. I have no clue where the time has gone. I still think back to the early days of going to elementary school with out a care in the world and then the confusing times of middle school where fitting in wasn't always easy at times followed by the growing pains of high school and dealing with first time relationships. After high school graduation, I entered the college world on the community level at Mercer where I learned a lot of work ethic and making your work better. I learned how to never give up there no matter what happened through many late nights and long hours. It was also during this time in which I learned the value of a dollar and how much you can really do with your savings if you set goals for yourself. Two years later, I graduated with an Associates Degree and moved on to Rider University, where I learned to adapt to a new environment and how to expand my skill set to a wider range. It was also where I met Natalie, the love of my life. After a couple more years, time rolled on and the school days dwindled. Before I knew it, I was back on the graduation stage once again receiving by Bachelors Degree. Every now and then I replay the years throughout my mind as I look ahead to the future wondering where the next step will take me. It has been a ride so far. Tomorrow looks like a sunny day.


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