Going All Out

A year ago I had an idea of creating as many media outlets on the internet as I could dream of. The possibilities were endless. I thought of so many new ideas that I wanted to bring to life. Reality set in. One year later, I find these ideas either struggling to gain exposure or still under construction. Many never debuted. I had a headache trying to figure out how to manage all of the sites. I still wanted to move forward with my film projects along with updating and innovating my new websites and projects. I kept the mindset of putting it off until the following day. I realized a year later that I am only human and it would be virtually impossible for me to execute all of my potential projects effectively with updated content. I got so frustrated that I almost wanted to give up. I decided not to. When something goes wrong we must try again. We must re-invent ourselves and try again from a different approach. Instead of operating a series of sites, I will be consolidating a number of my ideas into four or five sites. My original plan was fourteen or fifteen. With more of my energy and attention flowing to fewer outlets, the effectiveness of each site will be greater. I have a plan in mind for a prosperous new year ahead. I plan on going all with several new ideas over time. I plan on being patient with everything and will release everything once it is fully perfected. Last year was the inception. This year was the trial and error period. Next year will hopefully be the solution. The same goes for anyone else with a potential project in mind. Do not give up. Try different approaches until you get the desired result. Have a great day.


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