The Timeline

Yesterday I was feeling a bit nostalgic. I spent a little time looking back at some old pictures from high school and other moments from years past. I could not believe how much things have changed. The styles of clothes. The younger looks that have now become aged and mature. The way of life that has changed as we grew older. I thought back and realized how everything has changed. I thought about how our daily schedules that used to involve my friends and I waking up in the morning for high school and then eventually going off to college and now focusing on working, graduate schools, and our adult futures. The timeline of life is quite extraordinary. It plays back in my mind like a television show. Memories are all that we have left of those youthful teenager days. Some of the moments brought back laughter as I recalled them. Some brought disbelief and regret. At first, I said to myself "Man, I sure would like to go back and do that again". I then realized that everything happens for a reason and all of those experiences were apart of the learning experience called life. I have grown up and matured. I stopped looking back and now looking forward to the next step.


  1. Yes everything happens for a reason honey! Just like us meeting. It was the absolute perfect timing. (: <333


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