The Dark Knight Rises: The Perfect Conclusion

It seemed as if it was only 2008 yesterday and I was hyped about seeing The Dark Knight with Heath Ledger taking the Joker character to an absolutely brilliant level. A year or so later when I heard about a third film being green lit, I thought that there was simply no way that it could top the 2008 film. Since its release, I went and saw it twice. I was pleasantly surprised. I was enthralled by Anne Hathaway's performance as Selena Kyle. It was an effort definitely worth an award nomination in my book. Her chemistry with Christian Bale was a perfect match. Another surprise was Tom Hardy's performance as Bane. After the 1997 film, I had no idea what was in store for this character. The 2012 incarnation was exciting, intimidating and entertaining. Hardy was a great choice for the character. Aside from the acting, the set design and location choices were great. The action throughout the entire film was paced perfectly with the drama aspects. The film flows very nicely and keeps you engaged from beginning to end. The almost three hour movie goes by very quickly because it is that entertaining. I would say that it is a draw between the 2008 film and the 2012 film with both being equally enjoyable. I recommend anyone who is a fan of the Batman franchise to go see it.


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