A Fresh Philly Start in 2015

Below is a post that I wrote last month about my beloved Philly teams.... As the unforgiving year of 2014 ends for Philadelphia sports, a clean slate begins for our four favorite teams. While 2015 will probably not look much better, there is hope for some movement toward a positive direction. It is simply going to be a rebuilding year for at least three of the teams and hopefully our fanbase will have something to look forward to towards the third and fourth quarters of this upcoming year. The Phillies have finally begun to dismantle their roster. While the light is by no means in sight, this will give some younger players the opportunity to play and get some of those horrendous contracts off their books. The Sixers might be on pace for one of their worst seasons in history but in light of their laughing stock of a team, it is giving an opportunity for MCW and Nerlens Noel to gel and build chemistry. When Halloween rolls around, hopefully we can expect a healthy Joel Ebiid to join the lineup a long with another high draft pick. The Flyers hopefully can also add an important piece or two in the off season to hopefully propel them from a middle of the road team back to a contender. That leaves us with our beloved Eagles who left us heartbroken after this past season's 10-6 record without a playoff berth. After coming off of a big turnaround last year and falling apart late this season many fans are without any hope for the future after a renewed uncertainty at the Quarterback position. Playing the part of Mr. Optimistic, I see some good things on the future. The Eagles will rebound next year. By fixing some holes in the secondary and getting the offensive line back to full strength, I am confident Nick Foles will have more time to make better decisions with the football. Number 9 is still very young and has a very good mindset of moving forward without looking back. I am confident Chip Kelly will be able to regather his squad after this roller coaster of a season and make some big steps forward in 2015. Let us not forget that the Birds were 9-3 at one point. Discipline and development will be a key factor for all four teams in South Philly. Cheers to building the future. Happy New Year!


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