Empire - A New Television Revolution

Here is a review I wrote about one of my favorite new series, Empire....

The beat of the music. The bright lights. The glamour of fortune and fame.
All of these elements blended into one emotional fused drama is exactly the formula that FOX has perfected with the new hit series, Empire. From the opening scene in the debut pilot, the show powers through the screen to grasp the attention of the audience.
A major part of the blueprint for capturing an audience and connecting with them through a show is creating the ability to care about the characters and Terrence Howard captures the audience like none other with a gripping performance and makes you care. From the opening minutes, we are taken into the world of Empire Entertainment and while from the outside, everything looks like the high life, we get a glimpse of the underworld featuring Lucius Lyon and his dysfunctional family issues fueled by the return of his former lover and wife, Cookie, from prison. This show is something special. It features a nice mix of veteran cast members a long with some fresh new, very talented faces. The show is edgy and unpredictable.
This show hits on all cylinders with the music, the look and feel, and the chemistry between the cast all bound together in a wildly entertaining sixty minute window of nonstop action, drama, sex, and luxury. While some say that appointment television is fading, this is one show that you cannot wait to watch on Wednesday nights. If you have not had the chance to watch an episode yet, sit back and enjoy the ride. Empire is a five star winner.


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