The future unveiled....

Taking a look into the future of the media industry....
Over 300 years ago, a major staple in mainstream media was born in the form of newspapers. From global news to politics to the local baseball score to the comics, these dailies were a big part of the morning routines and sometimes evening routines for nearly three centuries. 

During the twentieth century, the constant development and improvement of radio and television in both technology and new programming had not only created new venues for information and entertainment but new corporations for major businesses. 

These traditional media outlets, radio, television and print products were the most common ways for obtaining and consuming information. With the internet becoming user friendly in the 1990s, the groundwork for the modern day media industry.

With the consistent development of new technology and the advancement of software, the ability to access information faster and do more with less is in crucial demand.

The key factor to staying relevant in the new media world is versatility. Radio, television and especially print must utilize digital elements to compliment their offerings. 

All three outlets, radio, TV, and print products all provide a unique user experience. From the local community access of the newspaper and the elegant glossy visuals of a magazine to the engaging and energizing "lean forward" content of a radio station to a world of episodic stories of television, all media outlets are great in their own way. 

Today's new media world powered by the internet allows us to access all of these great outlets from a compact device in the palm of our hands instantly. 

We've certainly come a long with technology and media especially over the past decade. We are now the producers. We all have the ability to create engaging content and display it globally in a matter of seconds through social media. All of the things we love, from entertainment to news to interactive content, are at our fingertips. 

The exciting thing is that we have only just recently entered the digital  world and the possibilities for constant improvement are endless. 

One can only imagine what's next.


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