N3twork: Customized mobile television in its purest form

In today's on the go society, we are always looking for quick and easy ways to access on-demand information and entertainment. Many have replaced their morning appointment with the newspaper with scrolling their smartphone for the latest news and videos. While social media and having access the internet at our fingertips every single second of the day, there is no need to sit down and consume a bunch of current events that happened during the previous day at once. Thanks to modern technology, even the most unsavvy user can keep up with current events live as they unfold directly on a smartphone. Another rapidly growing trend on mobile devices over the past few years is the consumption of videos.
When it comes to video, the internet has allowed the user to become the producer with complete content control. Several new stars in pop culture have reached new heights of success thanks to the exposure provided by websites such as YouTube, Daily Motion, Vimeo and others. Continuing the rise of the mobile revolution, users can now not only produce their own content, but can also create their own personal television network.
Enter the app simply called N3twork. The easy to use interface allows viewers to select content and genres of content that they want to watch and form it into a playlist to watch on their smartphone that plays continuously, similar to a linear television channel. If you have an iPhone, it integrates seamlessly with other Apple products such as the Apple TV so you can airplay your channel directly to your TV set.
If you are an avid user of YouTube and other video sites, this app is a must have. It is refreshing to constantly have an updated pipeline of videos, all catering to your interests, directly on your own customized channel.
I highly recommend trying this one out. Check it out today.


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