Roku: A must have for cord cutters

A few months back, I purchased a Roku stick for my TV. I already have an Apple TV in one room, which I love for its airplay capabilities and its integration with iTunes and other Apple devices. I heard great things about both the Roku and Chromecast. After researching, I decided to go with the Roku stick because of its versatility with its streaming store. I am not a cord cutter as of yet. While I still enjoy traditional cable television, I absolutely love the world of digital over the top content.
If you are one who has ditched cable or satellite TV all together, the Roku stick is a handy tool for getting the most out of your TV without the cable wires. In the streaming store, you have the opportunity to choose from dozens of OTT channels featuring various genres of all media. If you are in fear of losing your some of your favorite cable channels, you can subscribe to Sling TV which gives you a bunch of channels normally found on your cable lineup. If all that is holding you back are basic broadcast channels like ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX, you can still purchase a digital HDTV antenna to get free access to these networks.
As easy as it is to produce content today, it is equally as user friendly to customize the way you consume content. The options are endless and able to fit any needs. Traditional cable and satellite still has tremendous offerings with hundreds of channels now with companion digital on-demand offerings and packages. Pairing a Roku device with Netflix and a few other OTT subscriptions and an old fashioned HDTV antenna is also available to satisfy your TV needs.
The modern media world is all about user control. Discover all of the great new ways to access information and entertainment. Research and figure out what fits your lifestyle.
Enjoy the show!


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