Podcasting: Audio Freedom

Hello All. I hope everyone is enjoying their fall. It is so hard to believe that another year is nearing a close. This past September, I decided to head back into the classroom for my Master's Degree at Rutgers. With this new venture comes a long traffic filled commute back and forth to New Brunswick a few times per week. To help pass the time during my travels, I decided to add the endless world of podcasts into the rotation with my usual mix of sports talk and satellite radio.

I've always been familiar with the format but had never really spent a great deal of time listening for one reason or another until recently when i've been obligated to spend hours in the car on a daily basis. It didn't take long for me to get vacuumed into the format. Once you find a topic that caters to your interest, it is a reasonable guess that you may be addicted as well. In a way, it is radio without rules. The formats and genres are nearly endless with literally something for everybody in an uncut and uncensored presentation.

While it isn't the latest creation in the digital world, it has certainly evolved significantly in both distribution and content variety over the past few years. Internet audio is two decades old and has certainly come a long way from the days where a listener would have to connect to dialup and fire up the old real player application on their Windows desktop to listen to a very low quality audio file over their speakers. Today, you can literally access and subscribe to whatever your ears desire with just a touch of your smartphone screen.

With several big names from the entertainment industry aligning themselves with a podcast distributor, I am extremely curious to see where this evolving industry heads in the next few years especially with new options to connect to your vehicle dashboard. We will have to wait and find out.

For the time being, explore and indulge in some audio deliciousness.

Enjoy your week.


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