Coffee Shop + Modern Twist

One of my absolute favorite things in the world is a delicious cup of coffee. To find a perfectly brewed blend with the perfect flavor is truly a work of art. When I am out and about, I am always searching for new places to try. When I was in the Pennington/Hopewell area of Central New Jersey, I came across a new spot called Sourland Coffee right off of Main Street in Pennington.

To me a great coffee shop experience goes beyond what is in the mug. The atmosphere plays a big factor as well. Sourland indeed had a tremendously enjoyable latte in addition to having a cool environment and atmosphere. The shop is designed very nicely with a very modern and sleek feel. I took a seat right in front their huge window overlooking the neighborhood and glanced at a magazine while taking in the sights of the community. I am always talking about finding new ways to get motivated and to seek out inspiration. A great place to do so is in a cool environment such as a coffee shop while sipping on a savory cup of joy.

If you are in the Central Jersey area, I highly recommend stopping into Sourland Coffee.

Enjoy the day. Cheers!



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