Netflix Favorites: Love

Netflix has indeed created a winning strategy for developing compelling television programming. They simply let creative minds do what they do best without interference of traditional network mumbo jumbo restrictions and input. What is the end result?

Quite frankly, some of the best programming available today.
One of his Judd Apatow's latest projects, Love, is no different. In this half hour single cam dramedy that stars Paul Rust, who plays Gus, an underdog-like protagonist who tries to navigate through the ups and downs of life while searching for that special someone. Apatow truly has a knack for creating depth within characters. Unlike many of the cliche love story rom-coms that have been produced over the years, this one takes a slightly edgy turn at times with fresh story angles while staying widely relatable and always entertaining. Most importantly, the writers make you express emotion and care about the characters....even Lily from the AT&T commercials who makes a few appearances.

If you haven't checked out "Love", please do so and enjoy. Look for Season 2 in early 2017.

Peace. Love. Forever.


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