Digital versatility: Blogging

I am a big proponent of being as versatile as possible. Lets face it. The world is changing in a multitude of ways. Many things are being automated and aspects of work that we once knew are unfortunately going by the wayside. One of the biggest ways to counter these changes are to learn new skills and as many of them as possible. By doing so, you will theoretically find success in a sector of industry. There is even a chance that you can turn a passion that you might have into a career of your own. If you are in the creative field or have a skill of some sort, there is most likely a market out there that would be interested in your insight. The challenge is to find a way to tap into that particular market. Luckily the power of the Internet makes this possible in a number of ways. Blogging is one of them.

This right here is a blog. I am sharing my thoughts on a particular subject and you can easily do it as well for no investment whatsoever. Its plain and simple. Pick a topic of expertise or a skill that you have and launch a blog on one of the many free blogging platforms that exist like this one, Blogger. Post consistently about relevant topics and create corresponding social media accounts to build an audience with. Through consistency and uniqueness of your content coupled with an audience that you have grown over time, there is a possibility that you can monetize your blogging content. While a large following is needed to generate a significant amount of revenue, it is indeed possible. Even if your blog does not generate revenue, it could potentially open up new doors of opportunities through connections and meeting people who enjoy your content. Even if keeping your blog is simply a hobby, it could be a source of fun and fulfillment for you.

Have fun and enjoy the day!

- C


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