Incredible guacamole: Tacos Cancun

Recently, Natalie and I were on a mission to find some really good authentic Mexican cuisine in the local central New Jersey area. When visiting the Lambertville area recently, we came across Tacos Cancun, a small local restaurant off of Main Street. We are big on supporting local businesses and trying local restaurants to sample their craft. We were not disappointed at Tacos Cancun. Natalie and I both had ordered chicken tacos as our main dish with a guacamole appetizer, which is traditionally one of our favorite additions to any meal. The guacamole itself was well worth the trip. The portion was generous and the texture was smooth, creamy and flavorful. I could have made a meal out of this alone with some of the fresh chips that they had served with it. As someone who has been to Mexico a few times, I would say that this guacamole was equally as delicious as some of the best guacamole that I've had in Puerto Los Cabos.

If you are in the local Lambertville or right across the bridge in New Hope, stop by and visit Tacos Cancun. Friendly service, reasonable prices, delicious authentic Mexican cuisine.


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