Looking Back: Mike Tyson vs. Michael Spinks

This fight had all of the aspects of a big fight feel. Two undefeated veterans in their own respects going head to head for the Undisputed Heavyweight Championship of the World. The Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City was jammed to the rafters as the buildup and anticipation of two of the sport's greatest contestants and future Hall of Famers, were about to square off to decide who was simply the best heavyweight in the game amongst all of the glitz and glamour that came along with Atlantic City in the late 1980s. Don King was the promoter of the event while Donald Trump's Trump Plaza Casino played host. Muhammad Ali was in the ring prior to the fight and was greeted to a warm reception by the audience.

While, the main event was most certainly the talk of Atlantic City that night, the undercard also featured two notable names, James "Buster" Douglas and Trevor Berbick. Both of these fighters had close ties to the Mike Tyson legacy. Tyson knocked out Berbick in 1986 to capture the WBC Heavyweight Title, which was now on the line in the main event against Spinks. Buster Douglas would earn worldwide recognition just two years later as he would become the first fighter ever to knock out Mike Tyson, earning the Undisputed Championship, that Tyson would win in this fight against Spinks.

During the introductions by Michael Buffer, Tyson looked full of energy as he bounced around the ring ready as anyone could seemingly ever be. Spinks remained calm with little expression before the bell sounded. As the fight began, both boxers charged forward with their hands held high. Tyson fires off a few quick shots early. It appeared that Spinks was caught off guard and did not expect the power that Tyson had brought forward. The two fighters dodged around the ring. Spinks tried to get a few jabs in but remained on the defense for most of the round. Shortly after, Tyson cornered Spinks for a few shots before firing a vicious uppercut against the ropes to score the first knockdown. Spinks was able to recover only before taking another right hand and going down once again this time to defeat. As the referee counted to ten, the bell sounded and Mike Tyson was the winner and left no doubt that he was the true number one heavyweight in the world, now recognized across the board as the Undisputed Heavyweight Champion.

Tyson's career would continue on. Michael Spinks retired shortly after. One could only imagine what might have happened if Michael Spinks had continued his career. What would have happened if the fight went a little bit longer? Could we have seen a rematch? If Spinks were to pull off the victory, the landscape of professional boxing would have most surely looked different for many years after. While this fight in particular was undeniably brief and one-sided it was surely one of the most memorable moments and an important bout that would hold a place in boxing history forever.


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