An encouraging new chapter

This past December, my wife and I closed a chapter in our lives when we sold our first home. While we were only there for a little over three years, we made it our own during that time and it had quickly become a place to call home. When we had first gotten the keys in late July of 2014, we had walked into an empty condo that needed a few touches of love. After some paint, decor, some furniture, and a few home-cooked meals it had become a cozy little relaxing place. During our time there, we shared a lot of laughs, tears, delicious dinners and milestones together. We brought our adorable cat, Pumpkin, home who has been a joy to both of us and a big part of our lives. Most of all, we’ve learned to grow as a married couple during those years by challenging each other to step out of our comfort zones into a new town and a new home with new responsibilities. While we are certainly going to miss our first home, we are happy that we had the opportunity to experience all that came with it and we are excited for the next chapter ahead of us.

My resolution this New Year is focused on embracing challenges with the utmost positivity and pushing myself to be better each and every day. There was a time where I did not always believe in my abilities. After looking back at the past decade, there are so many instances where I reminisce and smile thinking, wow, that was a difficult situation as I went into it, I figured out how to navigate and get through it and I gained something valuable from each one of those experiences. While nothing was easy by any means with some of those events and experiences over the past ten years being quite difficult, there were small victories in all of them. I learned to work hard, not overthink things too much (this is still a work in progress) and to have fun in the process.

My advice to everyone is to enjoy the ride, including all of the ups and downs, twists and turns and flips that may come with it each and every day. Surround yourself with loved ones, laugh and help pick each other up when needed. We are all humans. Words of encouragement can do wonders for someone’s day. Feel good about yourself.

You’ve got this.




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