Friday, April 17, 2009

Late Night Spiel

Its 3:27am and for some unforeseen reason I'm still awake after a long but interesting Thursday. I've got that creative urge so I'd figure ill write a blog post about it. I started off the day by heading to New York City. We got to visit a couple of cool places today. All of them very different in certain ways. Chung-King Studios was awesome. I pictured myself working in an environment such as that. I like the high class, expensive, professional, suit and tie look, and I think that place fit the mold. Rocketboom was cool because of it's laid back environment. It seems like it would be a lot of fun to work in a place like that. All of the places made me more interested in using the internet more in depth and taking advantage of all of it's endless capabilities. I always have a drive for being creative and making money. Forgive me if I sound greedy. It opened my eyes and made me realize that I can literally do what ever my imagination dreams with a computer and possibly tap into new forms of revenue. Hopefully sometime soon, ill find the time to put together some sort of side project in my leisure time. I think its cool how the internet can give us an online coffee shop type of environment where people from all over the world can watch an old Soprano's episode and talk about the Phil's game and share their creative concepts without any physical presence. It allows us to escape the stress of everyday life and lets us unwind.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My Main Page Demo Reel

"Carl's Demo Reel Script"

[Black Video] (00:00)

{Wipe Dissolve Transition}

{Grayscale with Noise Effect over title}

[Title reads "Carl Baus" fade in to "Taking the World by Storm"] (00:05)

[3-2-1 Countdown Clock] (00:08)

["Television Work" Title]

[Clip of Split Decision show intro] (00:15)

{Slash Slide transition}

[Clip of Carl and Jason on set] (00:20)

{Slash Slide transition}

[Clip of Split Decision sports highlights] (00:25)

{Slash Slide transition}

[Clip of MCN Live Intro] (00:30)

{Slash Slide transition}

[Clip of Carl on news desk] (00:35)

{Wipe Dissolve Transition}

["Documentary Work" title]

{Slash Slide transition}

[Clip of BCRC Documentary] (00:45)

{Slash Slide transition}

["Short Film Work" title]

{Slash Slide transition}

[Clip of Short Film] (00:50)

{Slash Slide transition}

[Contact Info Title]

{Fade transition}

[Black Video] (01:00)

Monday, March 30, 2009

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Portfolio Design Specifications


My portfolio will highlight all of my creative work that I have participated in throughout my academic years. The layout of the site will be a city skyline landscape creating a busy and professional atmosphere which relates to my abilities to multitask and be productive. The main focus of the site will be on the large video screen player in the center of the page which will feature highlights of my demo reel. At the bottom of the page will feature a control panel to change the videos on the demo reel. The top of the page will have navigation links to the homepage, a short biography, and contact information.


The font I chose is impact. It is an easy to read, non-serif, font that looks good on a web page. It is solid and stands out.

Design Specifications:

- HTML Website

- City Skyline background designed similar to Times Square

- Links to open new pages which include bio, and contact info

- Flash video player for playing video highlights

- Blue sky background with silver colors for the buildings

- Impact Style Font for links on toolbars

Content included:

- Highlights of my sports talk show, Split Decision, in which I produced.

- Highlights of my work as a news anchor on MCN Live.

- Highlights of a BCRC documentary in which I assisted in creating.

- Highlights of my short film in which I am currently working on.

- My Current work resume

Organization of Content:

- Four sixty second videos of each video

- First video: Highlights of Split Decision

- Second video: Highlights of MCN Live

- Third video: Highlights of BCRC documentary

- Fourth video: Short Film Highlights

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Here is the basic layout of my portfolio site. The toolbar on the top will link to pop up windows with biography information, contact info, and a list of media samples from my demo reel. The layout of the main page will be a city background based off of times square with a large video screen in center of the page featuring highlights from my demo reel. The site will feature a variety of different colors with a violet-blueish color sky. The fonts used will be a non-serif font for easier reading. The concept of the portfolio is to create a busy and professional environment. I chose this because I believe in professionalism and I work well with multitasking. I believe that it fits my personality in the working environment.

The first popup window on the tool bar will lead to the homepage. The second will open a small biography page featuring information about myself personally and professionally with a link to a web resume. The third will open a window featuring a list of links with all of the work I have done. Basically, this window can be used as another way of navigating the main video player on the front page. The forth window will have all of my contact information. The concept is pretty simple and standard yet complex in several ways. I think it will turn out great.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Final Concept

My final concept idea that I want to move forward with would be the "Hybrid" concept. The site will open with a intro page featuring a short animation and a link to the main page. The main page will have a highlight reel in the center with text surround the video in a circle. The different "Elements" in the "Hybrid Circle" will be all of the jobs that I can do and have participated in previous work experiences. The type used will be a non serif font. The background will be a silver and black backdrop featuring a video in the center with the circle surrounding the video in a neon green color. The colors standout without being outrageously dark or bright. It will blend well together.

The Work to Be Included:
Highlights of my sports show, Split Decision.
Highlights of my work with the live news program.
Highlights of my work with the BCRC Documentary
Highlights of my work with school short films (when completed.)
Other various small school projects.

Everything will be organized by year and type of work along with type of equipment used to design and produce the piece.

The site will have two tool bars. The "Hybrid Circle" will have links leading to information and samples of my work. There will also be a toolbar towards the top featuring links to the home page, contact information, and a short biography.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Portfolio Concepts Part II

The theme of the first concept would be a city background of times square featuring several large screen video billboards. On the billboards would be highlights of my work in short demo reels. Other surrounding items would be linked to bring up other information about myself or other sections of the portfolio.

The second concept theme would be a large flat screen television interface with different buttons on the bottom accessing different pages of the portfolio. The page would also feature a remote control at the bottom to change the "channels". The different "channels" would be different video highlights from my demo reel.

The third concept theme would be a movie theatre with a projector towards the bottom. Each button on the projector would play a different highlight from my video demo reel. The highlights would be organized by type of highlight to allow the audience to select clips from each category.

The forth concept would a flash site with the theme "Hybrid". The page would transition with different pictures of me working with links to my categorized highlight reels. The term "Hybrid" would flash by a black background with all of the different jobs that I am capable of doing such as "Writer", "Producer", "Technician", "Editor" and so forth.

The fifth theme concept would be an office setup with a television set towards the top of the desk. On the desk would be various clickable items leading to information and media samples. The desk would also have a remote in which controls the videos on the TV set. The videos would contain highlights from my work.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Will TV Studios die?

I say absolutely not. While Andrew makes a couple of interesting points regarding the internet and advertising, television is still accessed in more homes across than computers. While the economy is taking a slump, the advertising will still always be there and vice-versa for television. I actually see the opposite of this theory coming true. With the advancements in technology today, studios will someday improve. When the digital switch-over happens, channels will break up into smaller channels creating more airtime to sell for advertising and more jobs to fill. The bottom line is that TV will always be lucrative no matter what the situation is.

Portfolio Needs

The key needs to building a successful portfolio for a television major would be a demo reel featured on either the main page or easily accessible and noticeable on the site. The other key part is the contact page. If someone is interested in the work, they need to know where they can reach you. The other key parts include a short biography and a resume. Not your entire life story. Just enough important information that the viewer should know about you. The portfolio should jump out at the viewer as soon as they log on. The reel or categorized videos should be short and well put together. The navigation should be easy and the text should be brief and to the point. Logos are an important thing as well. If a person has a recognizable logo on their page, the more it will make an imprint on the person viewing the site.

Portfolio Concepts

The first concept would be a simple layout with easy navigation across the top. The main page would feature a demo reel highlighting my work. The layout would feature brighter colors that stand out more to grab the audiences attention. The navigation would look something like the pic next this.

The second concept would have a similar layout with a video posted on the side and different pages that appear next to the video. I would also keep the similar navigation with eye catching colors. I believe that the easier the navigation, the more of the site that the viewer will access and the more information will get across.

The third concept would an organized layout with the video on the front and the top and side navigation bars shown in the pic next to this. The one thing I would also feature is some sort of attention grabbing mission statement that will stick in the mind of the viewer.

The forth concept would also feature a front page with a section of categories. The main focus of the site will be the demo reel. Rather than the viewer sitting through the entire reel, the categories will organize the content into seperate videos and allow the viewer to sample different works here and there while they have the chance.

The fifth concept would have a giant video player across the top of the site with two side navigation bars. I would try and limit the bulk of text. When companies look at portfolios, they do not spend a whole lot of time on them. They want to be impressed immediately when they log on. The text has to be short and sweet.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Split Decision - 2/11/09

This is an episode of my weekly show intended to inform and entertain the people of Mercer County.

Monday, March 2, 2009


I am Carl Baus. I have been working in television since high school behind the scenes as well as in front of the camera. I have experience working with many different types of equipment including various cameras and post production equipment such as Adobe Premier Pro, Photoshop, After Effects and others. I always believe in a commitment to execellence and I always stride to put out the best product that I can. I possess incredible leadership and teamwork skills needed to succeed in a working environment.

Blockbuster Entertainment:

Customer Service Associate
January 2006-May 2006

Modell's Sporting Goods:
Head Cashier/Key Person
May 2006-Present

Trenton Thunder Baseball:
Production Intern
April 2008-September 2008

MCTV26 - Mercer County Community College:
Show Producer, TV Host, News Anchor, Technical Crew
September 2006-Present

Breast Cancer Resource Center/School Project
Production crew for the center's documentary
August 2008-December 2008

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Work Sample: Constructive Cristiscm

Here is a piece that I did for Graphics and Effects class in photoshop last semester. The fact that I am apart of this poster was a gag for my TV show. The original piece did not include my picture. if I were to change anything, I would work on the lighting surrounding the three main characters. I think it could be tweaked a little. My favorite things about this piece is the purple night sky background and the title font. I think the background gives it that mysterious action movie look and the font gives fits the mold of an 80's action movie poster perfectly. For being one of my first posters, I think it came out really well.

Big Level

I am a television major so my portfolio site will mostly consist of a few demo reels of various projects that I have worked on. I will categorize them into two or three different genres based on what the project is. The live action projects such as my show Split Decision and the News broadcasts will be in its own category. The short films and other projects will be put into another category of its own as well after they are completed. I would also like to leave room to add new projects that I may work on in the future.

My Work Showcased

The work I would like to showcase in my portfolio includes:

- Various segments of my show, Split Decision from the past two years.
- Segments from when I was on the MCN Live news broadcast.
- The BCRC Documentary.
- Pieces of the Short Film that I am working on when it is completed.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Target Audience Part 2

I designed my work throughout college to speak to various demographics. The shows that I do speak to mostly men ages 18-45. I also throw in some humor and other off topic subjects once in a while to bring additional viewers in. Unlike most other portfolios in which spoke to a certain audience, I would like my work to be recognized by as many different demographics as possible in order to gain as much exposure as possible. A lot of other portfolios have a select style and color that would appeal to certain companies. I would like to design mine in a way that it can appeal to all audiences.

Target Audience Part 1

When it comes to television, the entire world is your audience. Every demographic watches TV at some point. When it comes to the job market, the TV industry is a white collar corporate business of suits and ties. The people that would be viewing portfolios looking to hire up and coming college students would be an upper middle class, well educated, and highly experienced individual. Companies range from all different sizes. A smaller studio or local television station may look at a portfolio of a beginner differently than a major studio or company. The individual that critiques all depends on the size and prestige of the company.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Self Assessment

1. self taught,
2. video, writing,
3. marketing
4. photoshop, video software,
5. 3-7 years
6. Better than most, still to learn
7. Required for school, need the experience
8. I want to do specialized work in my proffesion: editing
9. I am happy with the type of clients that I have worked with but I need more.
10. Doesnt matter how I work.
11. I can work anywhere.
12. I will take jobs from a paying client.
13. Complex, Confident, Intellectual

Elements, Concepts, and Planning

For my work dealing mostly with my show, Split Decision, the defining element in the design of the show is the color scheme which is a hunter green with shades of silver and black. I showcase it in almost all of the graphics and jumpback videos. It gives the show its look and presence on screen.

As for the planning of the show, I would say the pre-production stage is far more advanced than any other field. While graphics take a lot of editing and audio takes a lot of tweaking and editing as far as changes to the levels and frequency as well as effects added, television and film have all of the same stages of preparation with the added part of preparing visuals and organizing them. Having worked with television for the past three years, the producers and crew spend all week devoting tons of hours into preparing for a half hour show. After an entire week of planning, shooting, editing, and organizing, the production comes to life and then is over in the blink of an eye. Then it starts all over again. Video combines all of the elements and planning of audio and graphic design into one big production. In my opinion the most difficult out of all of them.

Monday, February 16, 2009

New Episode of Split Decision Now Online !!!

Last week's edition of Split Decision is now streaming online at:

Original Airdate:

Industry Portfolios

I have took time and observed several different portfolios. A lot of the similarities that I have noticed when comparing the different sites are that most of them are flash based. It seems like the user wants to intimidate the audience with over the top flashy attention grabbing images to captivate and make an impression on the viewer of the site. A lot of them have a highlight reel on the site with video projects that the person has done. A good example of this would be Dave Werner's work on He showcases his many talents through a fantastic web design and video editing and graphic arts.

Another trend that I have noticed throughout several different sites is the use of bright colors. The positive thing about using bright colors is that they jump out from the screen at the viewer. An example of this would be Kristopher Grunert's website located at The site opens up with a small grey splash page with links to open the regular site which fills with a bright blue image followed by arrows to scroll over to several other images.

Another site that I liked was Eric Ryan Anderson's page The site is very basic and easy to navigate. Everything is nice and big and easy to find. He has all of his fantastic photography work displayed and well organized. Sometimes the simple sites are the ones that standout to me the most because of their organized and navigation. The only thing that I would add to this site to make it even better is a little more information about the designer in the biography section. It would also help to make a section exclusively for contact information.

Five Trends that I have discovered from web portfolios:
1. Bright Colors
2. Flash/Animation
3. Video Clips
4. Music
5. Photography

My top skill....

My number one skill that I possess is editing video. I am very good at taking raw footage and using Adobe Premier Pro to turn it around into a fully edited piece that works well as a story. My portfolio will consist largely of video highlights of my shows that I have worked on as well as the documentary that I participated in working on. My portfolio will also have the short film the short film that I am currently working on as well as future projects I may participate in while attending a four year school after this semester ends. I have some web skills to design a website. Most of the site and portfolio will be visual based with various different projects that I have worked on in the past.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

My Logos

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My Work....

All of my work is based around Mercer's cable television station. The shows are posted on the MCTV website located at the following links:

My own hosted and produced sports talk show, Split Decision:

I formerly worked as a sports anchor on Mercer's live weekly newscast:

(I am going to work on obtaining some of the files and uploading them to vimeo.)

Here is another short video I made of my car:

I used adobe premier pro to edit the shots.


Fantasy Fight 7 from Brian Baus on Vimeo.

Here is a video that I found on vimeo that my brother had made recently using after effects and 3d modeling. It is basically all action and no dialog to tell a story. It relies on background music and sound effects to compliment the action. It has a lot of cool special effects with a star wars style of action. It was really well done. It relates to my work because all of the programs used to make this are programs that I currently edit with. It shows how with hard work and execution of special software techniques, you can pretty much make anything you want come to life with a camera.

Areas of Improvement....

I am pretty efficient with most adobe editing products. Some things I would like to work on improving are my camera work, becoming more steady and smooth with my shots. I would like to learn some new lighting techniques to make my shots look better on screen. I would also like to advance in after effects and some new special effect techniques. Television is a field that could always use improvement. The more experience that you have with the equipment and software, the more you are able to utilize it and put out a better product in the end result.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My Fonts

My Fonts

Monday, February 9, 2009

About Me....

Lets begin. You're going to make several lists about you. Don't think too long or hard on the answers. Just write the first 5 things that come to your mind for each topic:

1. Laugh, hang out, be creative, listen to music, travel
2. Homework, watch boring videos, being bored, being tired, Dealing with lazy people
3. Graduating high school, deans list, producing a tv show, losing 50 lbs, saving my money
4. TV stuff, being a total goof, good work ethic, time management
5. sense of humor, style,
6. reliable, shy, outgoing, loud, caring

Next, think about your work.

1. easy, customer service, fun, interactive, good people
2. money, customers, apparel, sporting goods, footwear
3. Registers and computers for products
4. red and black
5. prepared, focused, excellence, work hard, achieve goals,
6. Key Person/Head Cashier

Lastly, think about the job you eventually would like to have.

1. high paying, good benefits, not too stressful, decent hours, exciting
2. nice, caring, good work ethic, fair, easygoing
3. be creative, write, produce, film, edit
4. fast, unsecure, challenging, exciting, different
5. To bring entertainment to a mass audience.

Finding new people...Help !!!

I went to do the part of the assignment "Find 5 new blogs" but I could not find any search feature on the blogger site. Unlike flickr and twitter, there is no search feature unless Im just not seeing it. I could use some help. How did others make out with this situation? Comment back.

Brand Identity

Brand identity is a form of expression that is powerful enough to penetrate the consumer mind without some sort of title. Examples of this are the target logo or the apple logo. Both are easily recognized without a second thought. The brand identity for my production company, Crazybox Productions contains the following:

1. Neon Green and Black colors.

2. Xenon font with @ used for the "A".

3. Photos edited with color shades on site.

4. Jumpback with logo transition at beginning of all project videos

5. A clever slogan such as "Taking the World By Storm"

I am going in these directions because I believe that they will stand out on both the website aswell as the media projects and leave an impression. The unique style of the logo will stand out from other generic logos. The whole concept of brand identity is to be different from the other brands and I think this does just that.

The next step....

After this spring semester, I will be graduating from Mercer. I am currently working on getting into a four year program in the communications field focusing mainly on television. To get accepted, most programs would like you to have a high GPA and some sort of past record showing that you can work hard and contribute well in the specific field. I not only have all of those bullets obtained on my resume, I also like to get involved. My main activity that I participate in is my weekly sports cable talk show, Split Decision in which I inherited from a graduating classmate in 2007. The show and production values have come along way. I am working very hard every week on adding new things to make the show look better as well as doing more research and adding new segments to make the show more entertaining. The addition of video midway through last season was a big plus. I am toying around with new ideas to add to make the show more interactive. I only see the show getting better from here. This is my last semester doing it and I want to go out with a bang.

My flagship activity:

My weekly sports talk show in which I produce and host:

Some other notable activities that I have participated in:

I have anchored on Mercer's live news program, MCN Live.

My own media website which I built for my side projects:

My weekly sports talk show's official website:

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Highlights of My Work

I think for starters, all of the activities I have participated in my first few years of college would put me ahead in my industry of choice, television. I have done everything from every possible technical position, camera, audio, tape operator, floor manager, editor all the way up to producing as well as being an anchor and on air talent. This gives me an advantage and opens up a lot of different jobs in the television field. I love to edit video. When it comes to editing, I have a lot of experience using various types of software such as the Adobe products, Premier, Photoshop, After effects, and others. The program that I am most knowledgeable with is Premier. I can do almost anything you ask with Premier. I understand Photoshop and After Effects pretty well from previous courses that I have taken in school but I believe I could strengthen my skills at those two programs to make me even better at post production techniques. I have worked with various types of cameras with great success from mini DV cameras to studio cameras all the way up to high definition cameras. While I work great with cameras, there are always new things I have yet to master. Other general work skills that I posess are great organization, time management, and leadership skills. I have been a head cashier and key person while working at Modell's for the past three years. I have made the company thousands of dollars with their credit card program and have successfully trained many other associates. Overall, my experiences in the academic field and work environment will help me succeed in building my career. Any type of job description in television requires these type of requirements for software and hardware. I also have internship experience with the Trenton Thunder's production team which is a big plus for TV jobs. Almost every job in television or media in general at an entry level requires at least one year of work experience in that field.

Resume Draft

Carl Baus
Address: N/A
Phone: N/A


Mercer County Community College, West Windsor, NJ
Television Major

Work Experience

Blockbuster Entertainment, Hamilton, NJ
Customer Service Relations, January 2006 - May 2006

Modell's Sporting Goods, Hamilton, NJ
Customer Service Associate, May 2006 - Present

Trenton Thunder Baseball, Trenton, NJ
Production Staff, April 2008-September 2008
Camera Operator
Technical Director
Video Board Operator


MCTV-Channel 26, West Windsor, NJ
Television Host
Camera Operator
Audio Control Operator

Breast Cancer Resource Center, Princeton, NJ
Documentary Production
Camera Operator

Monday, February 2, 2009

My Experience

I have worked or participated in the following:

Blockbuster Entertainment:
Customer Service Associate
January 2006-May 2006

Modell's Sporting Goods:
Head Cashier/Key Person
May 2006-Present

Trenton Thunder Baseball:
Production Intern
April 2008-September 2008

MCTV26 - Mercer County Community College:
Show Producer, TV Host, News Anchor, Technical Crew
September 2006-Present

Breast Cancer Resource Center/School Project
Production crew for the center's documentary
August 2008-December 2008

I am only about half way through college and I already have a lot of experience working with television. Since my beginning semester in fall of 2006, I have worked as a camera man, ran the audio board, and floor managed as technical crew. Beginning in September 2007, I began producing and hosting my own half hour sports talk show on the college's TV station. I have also been an anchor on the college's weekly news program. This past fall, I was assigned to work in a group filming a documentary about the Princeton's Breast Cancer Resource Center in which whom were very happy with the final outcome. While working on the BCRC project, I used cameras and edited using various different software programs for post production. Mercer has given me tons of experience that will be useful in getting a job someday. As for internships, I have worked for the Trenton Thunder Baseball team on the production staff. During my time at Thunder, I ran cameras, technical directed, and worked on the video boards. Thunder was a great experience because it showed me how to grasp a live production for a mass audience at the stadium. It also showed me how to think quickly and have great turnaround, meaning taking a command and performing it at a quick speed.